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Moonstone is a brand created and founded more than 7 years ago, our pieces are unique and designed with love, personalized especially for you, we make pieces in 18k gold, silver and gold-plated silver with semi-precious stones, to suit you. We are qualified artisans in the branch of Goldsmith, we have experience in semi-precious stones, quartz, minerals and jewelry materials.

Throughout our history, we have been inspired by nature, taking from it its colors, minerals, quartz and designs, to create handcrafted unique and exclusive jewelry. Each piece is carefully designed and handmade using the best quality of semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls finished in silver and gold.

Our jewelery enhances the natural beauty of the stones and elevates the spirit of the person who wears them, it is the reflection of the modern woman with a free soul.

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Gold filled is the same as talking about gold filled. It is a metal that is covered with a thick layer of gold that is much thicker than that of gold plated or gold plated, so the appearance is the same as that of gold and it will last us many years without losing its brightness and color with the respective care. It is a much cheaper option than gold and it has a lot of durability if you follow our care instructions.


Our 925 silver and gold-plated silver jewelry are handmade in our goldsmith workshop, personalized and designed just for you, at affordable prices. All our jewelery goes through a quality process.

Quality process

Our merchandise goes through a quality process that allows it to be kept in good condition and in conservation, as long as our indications are followed.