Once the product is received, returns are not accepted.

Our merchandise goes through a quality process that allows it to be kept in good condition and in conservation, as long as the following indications are followed:

· Store each piece individually.

· Do not expose it to excessive humidity or heat.

· Avoid contact with perfume, nail polish, creams, makeup, detergents or any chemical that can damage the gold plating.

· Avoid taking showers with your Moonstone accessories.

· Avoid cleaning them with abrasive creams, toothpaste, brushes or paper towels that can damage the accessories.

· The jewels react according to the different PH of the skin, there are people who have a more acidic pH (the normal is 5.6) therefore their jewel darkens faster than other people

· Avoid leaving them in your wallet confused with keys, coins or any other object that rusts or deteriorates them.